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business structure

Think of your business as a structure...a physical structure. It needs a foundation and framework before the pretty stuff can even go on the outside. 


The future of the hemp, cannabis, and psilocybin industries is creating structural innovations and we want to support you in that endeavor.


Business structure provides small business owners with a starting foundation and a blue print to follow, adjust and build from. Plan growth and take the time to create the process to build the structure you want that will support your current business as well the opportunity to grow. Most folks don’t realize many businesses do not succeed because they did not have the foundation and structure for growth, let alone the possibility of sudden or explosive growth.


Before you pick out paint colors and appliances — let’s plan, pour the foundation, and frame the structure. Let's talk about things like:

  • Structure Guidance

  • LLC (sole proprietor or small)

  • EIN

  • Bank Account

  • Domain name

  • Custom email set up

  • Proper networking events / groups / support systems

  • Vetted referrals for additional services like TM / legal / accounting

  • Winning pitch deck presentations


Here are some of the benefits gained:

  1. Stability

  2. Mutual understanding of the goals

  3. Strong teamwork 

  4. Efficient action

  5. Proactive actions

  6. Time management

  7. Increased productivity

  8. Sleep better at night with less wonder of what next

  9. Set the culture


Below is a selection of basic structural tools to start building your business.

Follow these links to learn why these are powerful and how they will help your business


basic structural tools to start building your business

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