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We've heard it before. This word gets thrown around a lot but often is overlooked as a foundational need in creating a business structure. But honestly, we take it seriously around here. Who wants to work with a bunch of jerks? In fact, at Hoi Polloi Advisors, we chose to include our agreed upon culture into our written operating agreement. That is how important we feel it is. Having an agreed upon culture and language for tense moments, will save everyone hurt feelings, wasted time and distraction from the overall mission at hand.


In the beginning stages of any business — like any relationship — there is excitement in the air and a blind spot to the hurdles and potential disagreements in the future. Accepting these bumps in the road as a reality and preparing for them with tools regarding how to communicate will safeguard your work environment, especially when a disagreement arises. Possibly you agree on a hierarchy, or a vote or a committee, or pray on it, dance and sing until you harmonize. Whatever works for your group is the right answer and this culture you create will drive your business to its goals.

Here at Hoi Polloi, we agreed on some basic principles including an adoption of the four agreements. 


Check it out:


Positive intent -  

It is implied that whatever is said or shared is done so with positive intent.

Be true with your word - 

Mean what you say, say what you mean. 

Don’t take anything personally - 

Accepting positive intent even when it “feels” personal. 

Do not assume - 

It makes an ASS of U and ME (nobody likes an ass)

Do your best and don't create unnecessary stress  -  

Embracing that we all are doing the best we can and that life presents enough stress in and of itself.  We will not embrace stress as a motivator for business. Breathe, focus, family first, kindness and compassion always.

In short, don't be a jerk.

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Click this link for more information on how to NOT BE A JERK in your workplace, 

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