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Let's face it, some days should just come with a red flag warning. Is there a nasty storm brewing? Got some unruly passengers? Or maybe some excess baggage? Let’s take a serious look under the hood and work together on your business issues — you know, get the gremlins out. Sometimes things just end up being a cluster f@ck or as we call it, "Charlie Foxtrot"...we can help.


$1000 per month for 3 months

Some common problem areas are:

  • Unbanked

  • Current Structure

  • Lost a vendor and need help finding a new one

  • Need an updated structure for growth

  • Business Plan deep dive

  • Grow social media

  • Distribution issues / relationships

  • Testing and Lab failures

  • Formulations

  • Locating product manufacturers

  • Branding

  • Poor Bookkeeping / time for an accountant

  • Cash Strapped 

  • Prepare for Investment 

  • Need Business Review / concept review / new ideas

  • Improper Business Tools 

  • Not Profitable

  • Struggling With Compliance & Regulations

  • Leadership Knowledge Gaps

  • Failure of marketing / product sheets / faq sheets or lack of

  • Brand Ambassadors / Influencers needed

  • Seeking to expand footprint

  • Overproduction / Looking for Markets

  • Market differentiation

  • Range Me Account for traditional distribution

  • Employee Training & Onboarding

  • Product Cost & Price Modeling

  • Create Operational Efficiencies

  • Insurance & Risk Management

charlie foxtrot


We understand that your situation is unique and together we will develop a package that best meets your needs. If you require additional resources not included in any given package, we will work with you to add those services in the most cost-effective way possible.

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