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NEW for 2022!

We realize that not everyone needs one of our full 90-day advisement packages when they need help...some folks just need some hyper-focused brainstorming and guidance on a particular challenge. Something "right-sized" to fit their specific needs.


That is why we are now offering Hoi Polloi Puddle Jumpers — private, 2-hour focused, live team sessions followed by session summaries and itemized action reports. For a flat-fee of $500, the Hoi Polloi team will work with you on a live Google Meet to drill down on specific business issues to find the best way forward. 

These Puddle Jumper Sessions are ideal when you get "stuck in your business tracks" and need help with things like these:

small business pain points review

• start-up feasibility

• website tuneup

• personal business tool shoppers

• promotional products planning

• eco-friendly packaging options

Sound interesting? Well, fill out this form and here is what happens next:

1. We reply via email with a personalized questionnaire, an NDA, and a 50% deposit invoice for $250.

2. You complete those and return to us.

3. We schedule and conduct our 2-hour live meeting one-on-one with you and involved team members.

4. You pay the followup invoice for the remaining $250.

5. We email you our session summary and advised action items. 

6. You can follow up as desired...we will be here for you!

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Get more info on Puddle Jumpers
or schedule your time with the team...

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a puddle jumper's experience...

Hoi Polloi is a collective of professional, talented, and knowledgeable individuals helping cannabis entrepreneurs grow to their fullest potential — and you experience that from meeting them on day 1. They are well respected in the cannabis community for what they do. I Have learned so much and I look forward to more growth with their help, and can't wait to collaborate with them on future projects.

~ Melissa Bloomfield

Founder and Owner of Buds and Brushes JA

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