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We can help you get your SWAG on — in quantities varying from startup one-offs through thousands, we have recommendations. SWAG is not only Something We All Get, but also something we all love — especially in a new industry where brands are clamoring for their fifteen minutes of viral fame. SWAG is a morale booster for your team, makes for great giveaways, sets the mood for your company, and generally helps you promote in a really fun way. 


Professional swag produced with the support and guidance of a knowledgeable human is always best. Period. However, what if your budget is limited? If you want to get started with swag and promoting your brand on a very limited budget, we like the concept of print on demand. POD is a great way to get your little baby brand out to the public and can create an early revenue stream, albeit a littler baby one. 


Is a dozen teeshirts too big of an order right now? Then, POD is where you're at.

You will have fun with your SWAG, no doubt. At the same time, it is important to plan, budget, and work with an experienced professional. Improper planning causes excess inventory and excess inventory takes up space and collects dust, not profits. If working with a professional is not in your budget yet, (we say "yet" because it should most definitely be planned for and budgeted), then print on demand will do a good job of getting you by in the meantime.

Hoi Polloi can guide the set up, answer questions based on our own experiences, and help you avoid a few hard knocks we took. We also can be a helping hand from brand development to setting up an online store, budget, plan, and then transition from POD to working with a professional swag company. Planning and process will lead to proper promotion and passive profits.

If POD — Why Printify? 

As a complete beginner, Printify was inviting. After enduring YouTubers and a few “it takes five minutes and no money” click baiters, we learned enough to feel comfortable starting with Printify. Various age groups and experience levels will feel more comfortable learning new software. But plan on a solid day or two to truly grasp the process.

Get comfortable with how supply chain, ordering, proper pricing, shipping, payments and general day-to-day business is done. From there, decide where you are gonna offer the swag and connect to that “store” on Etsy, or Wix, or your chosen platform. Another reason Printify is our choice is they connect to a variety of well known platforms with ease.

Setting pricing can be a challenge. You have to find that magic balance to provide value while covering shipping costs. We suggest focusing your first sales with family and close friends to work through those lessons and to see how Printify or others handle customer service issues. It is always easier to work through an issue with a friend or family member than to lose a customer. ​

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Click this logo to visit the Printify website to learn more.


Hoi Polloi Duty Free Shop for our family / clients / hemp-based products and more!

We are currently remodeling The Huntress Collection shop so it can takeoff with the rest of Hoi Polloi. So, please visit there for your SWAG needs until our renovations are complete. The Duty Free Shop will provide a platform to help create your brand and SWAG it up! 

Use the link above for Printify self service or hop over to our packages page to learn how we can help you design your brand, set up your print on demand, organize your marketing, and more.

Moving from POD to professional printing...the sensible thing to do

So, once your business is up and flying, it is going to make all kinds of sense to move from print on demand to real bonafide print vendors and professionals that know their SWAG. Why? Once you have scaled up (even a little) your per piece cost is going to go way down (like half), which of course, means your profits on SWAG go up. And, we cannot lie — the quality is going to be much better. If you are in the position to do so, work with a pro!

Speaking of pros, we know one of those...

The Simple Story of "The Simple Laugh"

The Simple Laugh is a small, woman-owned & veteran-owned promotional product company where you can order custom-imprinted SWAG to promote your business, organization, event or even your personal needs.

Finding you the perfect SWAG at the perfect price is my passion. (some say superpower 🤣) while I offer you the most attentive customer service and attention to detail, as a former Army Captain – HOOAH!!

For some creative inspiration, click HERE to visit my business Facebook page and view the album named “Promotional Product Photos.”

jodi cropoed capt am drink.jpg

You will find snapshots of the many unique and trendy branded SWAG that I have created for my customers all across the country. Who knows…you might find something you never even thought of before and experience a “lightbulb” moment! 💡


When you’re ready to chat about your promo ideas, please email me at and together, we will find the perfect product at the right price — and I’m sure along the way, we will have a good, simple laugh!



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