the flight crew

The Hoi Polloi Team

Here at Hoi Polloi, our team is made up of individuals with a wide breadth of experience in business and plant medicine. Our skill diversity is our strength, and we look forward to extending these skills and assets to you. 

  • Beth van Elswyk, co-owner and hemp huntress, has decades of experience in retail operations, advisement, and business management in the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industries. She’s an advocate for American-grown hemp, a self-described disruptor of capitalism, and ready to bring her visionary approach to your endeavors. 

  • Heather Nanstiel, co-owner and conjurer of creative, is our marketing guru. She brings years of experience from the creative, marketing, and web-design side of things and is ready to help you market your brand and differentiate from all the rest.

  • Amy Donohue, advisor and social media maestro, brings 15 years of social media expertise and passion for psilocybin medicine to the team. She’s ready to get you up-to-date on all things social media and show you how to make your social media assets work for you. 

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meet the flight crew

Heather notorious.jpg

Heather Nanstiel

conjurer of creative


grew up on a large horse farm, learned to drive on a tractor. can green break a horse,

and is really good at

mucking stalls

amy mohawk final.jpg

Amy Donohue

social media maestro


grew up in a small town near Buffalo, NY, then, at 19, moved to Weed, CA, just because my boyfriend and I wanted to live there. 2 decades later, I found myself smack dab (ha!) in the cannabis industry in Phoenix.

beth 2.jpg

Beth van Elswyk

the hemp huntress


will be titling my autobiography ”Too Fat for Long Pants” — sharing tales of managing drag kings, dominatrixes, domineering men, dogs and domesticated bliss ;)

But many new business owners are decidedly starting small and scrappy, and may not be in a position to invest billions of dollars on a rocket ship launch like Mr. Musk. So, you may or may not resonate with the whole rocket ship thing. 


That’s why our mascot is an everyday paper airplane. The kind you made as a kid. Perhaps you’ve seen it around the website. We see the paper airplane as the rocket ship of the Hoi Polloi. 

As long as you have a piece of paper, ambition, and a great idea, the Hoi Polloi team will help you get your idea off the ground and into flight. We want to help you take off and steer in the direction you have been envisioning! 

Why do we believe in cannabis? 

Cannabis is truly the plant that connects us all. This amazing herb... it wants to work with us. Much like roses, tulips, and apples, the cannabis plant has shown that it is willing to partner with humans to assume the uses and cultivars that we guide it toward. Cannabis also has this beautiful spiritual element to it, and we understand that the plant helps people expand their minds and tune in to greater awareness. We also see cannabis as a valuable agricultural product and we are passionate about supporting the farmers who grow it in all its forms. 


How about hemp? 

Ahhh, hemp. We are really stoked about hemp! As Jack Herer pointed out decades ago, hemp is something that can clothe us, feed us, shelter us, and even heal us. We look forward to seeing — and supporting — further hemp innovation in the market. In fact, it turns out that hemp can be turned into a pretty darn-near-perfect building material. And, can you imagine the splendor and bounty that could be realized if America was filled with lush, green, family-owned hemp farms? The possibilities are endless. If you have innovative ideas about the future of hemp, we want to hear from you!


And last - but certainly not least — why do we align with psilocybin? 

Scientific research and anecdotal evidence alike have suggested magic mushrooms can help people find relief from mental anguish, including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Those who have microdosed this natural medicine have found that it can also boost cognitive performance. Psilocybin is a gift from the Universe that provides both medicinal and recreational value. You know this… and that’s why you’re in the psilocybin space! We’re excited to support your business endeavors and perpetuate the acceptance of this natural healing medicine. 


It’s time to shake things up. Can you feel it, too? 

A lot of people have used the “pause” of 2020-21 to rethink their lives, their businesses, and their worlds. Here at Hoi Polloi, we’re here to hold space for your new ideas and help them take flight. We are honored to be your guide along this journey and we look forward to working with you!