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The Hoi Polloi Team

Here at Hoi Polloi, our team is made up of individuals with a wide breadth of experience in business and plant medicine. Our skill diversity is our strength, and we look forward to extending these skills and assets to you. 

  • Beth van Elswyk, co-owner and hemp huntress, has decades of experience in retail operations, advisement, and business management in the cannabis, CBD, and hemp industries. She’s an advocate for American-grown hemp, a self-described disruptor of capitalism, and ready to bring her visionary approach to your endeavors. 

  • Heather Nanstiel, co-owner and conjurer of creative, is our marketing guru. She brings years of experience from the creative, marketing, and web-design side of things and is ready to help you market your brand and differentiate from all the rest.

  • Nakiah Washington, project manager AKA Puff'n PM at Hoi Polloi, brings a fresh perspective, innovative ideas, and good energy to the flight crew. She has about 3 years of business operations, project management, and finance experience that she is eager to bring into the cannabis industry. She's an advocate for combining cannabis, crystals, and essential oils to heal energy.

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Contact me regarding:

• business structure

• dispensary operations

• deep industry knowledge

• all things hemp

• eco-friendly packaging

• compostable farm supplies


IG Heather Nanstiel 2 Square.jpg

Contact me regarding:

• creative work

• branding/logos

• websites

• photo/video/animation


IG Nakiah Washington 2 square.jpg

Contact me regarding:

• business operations

• project management

• scheduling


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Contact me regarding:

• all things swag

• custom promotional items

• packaging


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