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the magic happens

when we all meet


hoi po-whaaat?

Hoi Polloi - plural noun   hoi pol·loi / hȯi-pə-ˈlȯi  

from Greek meaning “the many”. 


definition: the general populace, the masses or, in the strictest sense, the people.

We like that last part: the people!

Our people. Not the gazillionaires, but folks like us — who have great ideas and just need some advice and guidance to turn them into something really special: successful, flourishing businesses within the alternative industry sector.


Sound a bit like you? Then please hang out and visit for a bit — because the magic happens when we all meet!

industries we serve

Why the hemp industry?

Hemp, you can eat it, drink it, read it, tie it, wear it, drive it, live in it, heal from it, and make money growing it, all while saving the soil and protecting the climate. Out of the 25,000 known products and uses what do you want Hoi Polloi to help you with?

Why the cannabis industry?

Cannabis is the more-established of the emerging industries we work with. From medical to recreational, we have experience in all facets of the industry, from seed to sale.

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what are your needs?

So, you have a great business idea and even an inkling about how to get started... or maybe your startup hit a slump you just can't seem to break out of — but when you seek advisement, your dreams seem to be out of reach because the business suits are more interested in reaching for your wallet than helping you transform your ideas. 

If you are looking for comprehensive business advisors who are as down-to-earth and relatable, as they are experienced and knowledgeable, you have found the folks to guide you through the process of starting your business or getting it unstuck without breaking the bank. (Which, by the way, brings up a good point: Where the heck can one even find a bank that wants to work with you and your alternative industry ideas?)


Although there can be overlap, getting started and getting unstuck require different approaches. At Hoi Polloi we get it! We have all started and we have all been stuck before. It took an array of knowledgeable and committed support to help get us to where we are — and now we want to help you.

You have this great idea now what?

Let’s Get Started, we can help you pour the foundation and plan the structure and launch that dream.

You got your business up and running and then came the speedbumps, or maybe you got lost along the way and need help out of the weeds. Let’s talk and see what you need and how we can help you.

free concept review

Most advisors will set up a consultation that you pay for and they tell you what to do. Before you even meet, you are already spending money that could be used for your business.  At Hoi Polloi, we do things a little differently.


After we sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we want to talk with you, listen to understand your idea, and drill down to the steps it will take to start your business.  A concept review usually takes 30 minutes to an hour. Enough time for us to listen carefully — and then talk with you, not at you. Together, we will determine if we are right for each other. From there — the magic happens when we all meet!

let's talk about my concept

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch soon.


hoi polloi family

The Hoi Polloi family includes clients, trusted advisors, associations, affiliate partners, and more.

Together we're just one big happy :)


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success story

Located in the quaint town of Orono in Ontario, Kelly’s Green Lounge is a cannabis-friendly establishment where the canna-curious to the cannabis connoisseur alike can unite in education, and in celebration of the plant.

We are safe space for community building, learning, and sharing together, offering a wide variety of on-site and online programming, aimed to help people personally grow, while also growing their cannabis plants with love.

Kelly’s Green Lounge was founded and is operated by Reverend Kelly Addison, who puts the cannabis plant at the center of her personal and professional practice.

From medical cannabis education, to promoting small businesses in cannabis, Kelly’s Green Lounge represents the very best of the cannabis community, and seeks to unite people together in harmony… just as the plant would want for us.


When Kelly first had the vision of Kelly’s Green Lounge, she envisioned a central space near the GTA where people could come from near and far to experience the programming, events, and community of the lounge. For its first year, the Lounge was a thriving space, welcoming daily visitors and a multitude of events throughout the week.

When the world changed in 2020, we realized that there was an opportunity to extend the 4-walls of the lounge, and bring the vibe, programming, and offerings of Kelly’s Green Lounge into the virtual world. We had already been building an active online community through Kelly’s Green Lounge’s private Facebook group, and have continued that engagement through Instagram, YouTube, and other formats.

Now, we are proud to introduce KGLTV on a new platform along with the KGL Network!

Please relax and watch KGLTV or check out our other offerings. Indulge in your favorite cannabis, sit back, relax, and stay a while! Check out our platform by clicking on the image below.


the hoi Polloi story


Like many during the COVID era, we recently found ourselves at a turning point. We knew we wanted to help people in a way that hadn’t been done before. And so we put our heads together, sparked up a joint, and came up with something new.

And guess what — you can change the world and still pay the bills!

Check out Our Story page to learn about the Hoi Polloi backstory and meet the flight crew.


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the pilot lounge —

what's that?

(and how do I get in?)

Hoi Polloi Pilot Lounge — a laid-back place to see upcoming events, learn, network, check the news,

catch our Twitter feed, have a little fun, and maybe just spark one and relax for a bit...

You'll have to talk to Capt. Blaze to get behind-the-scenes access (or maybe just go to the nav bar.)

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get in touch

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