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hemp industry

Why hemp?

25,000 products and counting can and should be made from hemp — what innovation will you bring to this burgeoning industry sector?


1. Farmers

Hemp grows in a variety of climates and soil types, it also grows very tightly spaced (decreasing land use) and has a fast growing rate. The crop improves soil health, farmers can grow food crops immediately after a hemp harvest without a fallow period. 


2. Phyto-Remediation / Carbon-Negative

Hemp is a natural way to clean up soil pollution. Using a process called phyto-remediation, hemp was used at Chernobyl to harmlessly extract toxins and pollutants from the soil and groundwater. Hemp actually absorbs CO2 while it grows through natural photosynthesis, making it carbon-negative from the get-go.


3. Textiles

 As a textile, hemp is durable, comes in a variety of natural colors based on how it is processed from the plant. It needs approximately half as much land and half as much water as cotton does to thrive. Levi has revived their Hemp jeans.


4. Let’s eat

Hemp seeds are used in a variety of health foods, including hemp seed butters, hemp seed energy bars, hemp oil and even hemp seed milks, they are high in omega-3 fatty acids and complete protein. 


5. Lorax approved

Hemp pulp has been used to create paper for at least 2,000 years, including a draft of the Declaration of Independence. Hemp pulp will replace wood pulp, creating a more durable, sustainable and recyclable paper. Moreover, hemp’s low lignin content and naturally light color mean that soy ink and other non-chemical alternatives are used to color hemp paper.  


6. Grow you House

Lovingly called “hempcrete,” hemp fiber can be mixed with lime to create carbon-neutral building supplies, including insulation, pressboard, flooring and wall construction. Hempcrete is energy-efficient, non-toxic and resistant to mold, insects and fire


8. Sink the Plastic Island

Henry Ford famously built a car out of hemp & soy plastic in the early 1940s, recently many car manufacturers have switched to hemp composites. Lego has announced Hemp Lego’s are coming!  Hemp composites are stronger, lighter and cheaper than fiberglass and carbon fiber — plus, they’re recyclable!   


9. From import to self sufficient domestic jobs and businesses

Currently, America imports most of its hemp from China. U.S. has a chance to create domestic jobs, increase small business ownerships and become an exporter vs. importer.

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