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You have a great idea! Now what?

Starting a new business venture can be an overwhelming process. Let's be honest — you just don't know what you don't know, right? There is an awful lot that goes into developing your business idea and building a strong foundation for your startup. On the bright side, getting the help you need to get started makes the work just as exciting as it is overwhelming.

Your situation is unique. Hoi Polloi Advisors will help you create a startup package that addresses your specific needs. Then, our startup team goes to work — setting up business structures, providing step-by-step procedures, creating your brand, sharing critical insights, and more. Working with an experienced team that knows what comes next will allow you to see the hurdles ahead before tripping over them. And, staying on your feet is what leads to success...

Here are just some of the areas Hoi Polloi handles:

  • Business plan

  • Branding 

  • Website

  • Business Structure and proper licensing / LLC / EIN / basic operating agreement / City tax 

  • Domain

  • Banking - bank/credit union

  • SM training

  • CRM

  • Competition Analysis

  • SOP’s (standard operating procedures     

  • Referrals to proper solutions for:

  • Payment Solutions

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping/Tax

  • Legal


get started packages

pkg 1 image out of box.jpg

I am a complete noob...I have a great idea, but that's it. Seriously, I need help with the very basics of starting a business...formation, bank account, tools, logo, You know what I mean?

package 2 image.jpg

I need help to get my business off of the ground. I realize I need more help than I think...stuff like business formation, but also business tools, and probably a website too. Can you show me how to use what you set up?

package 3 image.jpg

3. maximum g-force

I need all the help to get my company started...the works! I need to structure the business, get banking and legal taken care of, business plan, CRM, accounting, all the creative including a kickass website...oh, and training. My team needs to know how to use everything.

We understand that your situation is unique and together we will develop a package that best meets your needs. If you require additional resources not included in any given package, we will work with you to add those services in the most cost-effective way possible.

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