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If anyone has to watch the bottom line, it's imperative for a small business. Hoi Polloi Advisors knows this universal principle very well. As a small business, we use the same business tools that we guide others with. We believe in using technology when appropriate. 


The exciting news is many of these tools are free, or low cost and just knowing what you need makes selecting and implementing them an easy, affordable and smart investment without breaking the bank.


The future of the hemp, cannabis, and psilocybin industry is technological innovation.


Business Tools & Technology Tools help small business owners leverage limited capital in smarter, more effective ways. 


Here are some of the benefits gained:

1. Productivity

2. Streamline your work processes

3. Share and find documents

4. Efficient email management 

5. Online invoicing reduces the costs of collecting payment from customers

6. Comprehensive accounting software streamlines your business finances

7. Easily share files and data with the cloud

8. Communicate quickly and clearly with your team through team messaging

9. Work together more effectively, your best work — all within a secure environment

10. Create a mobile office that allows you to work productively from anywhere

11. Go paperless to save money on supplies and storage. Added bonus: environmentally-sound choices are cool!

12. Automating or optimizing processes makes a meaningful impact on the bottom line (The whole point!)

Below is a selection of business tools that we use and recommend.

Follow these links to learn why they are powerful tools and how they will help you with your business. 


Some business tools that we recommend 

Click these logos to learn more about each of these valuable tools and decide if they are right for your business.

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