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You have found the Hoi Polloi Pilot Lounge — a laid-back place to see upcoming events, learn, network, check the news, catch our Twitter feed, have a little fun, and maybe just spark one and relax for a bit...

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This inclusive cannabis ecosystem provides solutions, resources, and growth opportunities for small to mid-size enterprises. Cannabiziac is committed to every member’s success —when you succeed, we succeed.  

The Crossroads Campaign — protect the future of hemp production! The Crossroads Campaign is focusing efforts on lobbying Congress to secure a science-based legal hemp concentration limit of 1% THC definition of hemp.

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Good Time

You may have noticed our pilot and copilot zipping around here at Hoi Polloi... We are stoked to introduce our masters of content creation, guides for a good time, DJs-extraordinaire, and overlords of all things fun — meet Blaze and DJ Frenchie!

These talented entertainers will be headliner hosts of Live from the Pilot Loungea periodic broadcast featuring interviews, music, games, cocktails, and of course, Lots of 420 fun! Watch this space for updates.

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Capt. Blaze

BLZ is a Content Creator, DJ,  Fun Master and Hoi Polloi Pilot. 



DJ Frenchie

Gal Lovette


Gal is a global DJ, cannabis consultant & lecturer, and dope friend.

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Val Snyder

Val is an artist and producer of entertainment. She works in theater, circus, opera, live concerts, and now video editing. 

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toke joke

Who decided to call it marijuana possession?

(And NOT joint custody?) 🤣😂

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Chronic Gals Podcast

Ep. 57 Amy Donohue / Get Hybrid Social by Chronic Gals Podcast • A podcast on Anchor

Huge thanks to Amy Donohue, social media compliance queen of Get Hybrid Social, for spending time with us, sharing your stories and how plant medicine has really impacted your life on so many levels.

Chronic Gals Podcast

Ep. 53 Shawn Gold / Pilgrim Soul Creative Thinking Journal

Thanks again to Shawn Gold for this inspiring conversation!! Shawn is the founder of Pilgrim Soul, a cannabis and journal brand out of California with a focus around creativity and being able to unlock it to find creative solutions. I hope y’all enjoy this chat as much as we did! You can find the journals at pilgrimsoul.com. 

BUD n Blossom - Heather Dagley

In this interview, Beth the Hemp Huntress shares the in-and-outs of CBD and how CBD has helped many of the people within her community. She also speaks to the importance of sticking to your values when supporting the cannabis industry - the imperative to align yourself with other people and companies that actually walk the talk, have a better vision for people, and aren’t solely driven by the pursuit of raking in the dough. She also has a vision of empowering families and small businesses through hemp. I dig it!

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