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You have found the Hoi Polloi Pilot Lounge — a laid-back place to see upcoming events, learn, network, check the news, catch our Twitter feed, have a little fun, and maybe just spark one and relax for a bit...

You can still check out our 420 playlist post-420!
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This inclusive cannabis ecosystem provides solutions, resources, and growth opportunities for small to mid-size enterprises. Cannabiziac is committed to every member’s success —when you succeed, we succeed.  

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The Crossroads Campaign — protect the future of hemp production! The Crossroads Campaign is focusing efforts on lobbying Congress to secure a science-based legal hemp concentration limit of 1% THC definition of hemp.

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toke joke

Why is a roach clip called a roach clip??

Because pot holder was taken. 🤣😂

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Chronic Gals Podcast

Ep. 67 Beth van Elswyk / Hemp Huntress • Hoi Polloi Advisors

We were touched by an Angel and had the opportunity to chat with Beth van Elswyk aka @hemphuntress and if you don't already follow her, DO IT NOW. Her social media presence is as lovely as she is, we learned about Beth's origin story (OG East Coast Stoner right here) and all the experiences she's gone through to be able to now be a cannabis business advisor with @hoimagic where  their mission is "The magic happens when we all meet." 

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BUD n Blossom - Heather Dagley

In this interview, Beth the Hemp Huntress shares the in-and-outs of CBD and how CBD has helped many of the people within her community. She also speaks to the importance of sticking to your values when supporting the cannabis industry - the imperative to align yourself with other people and companies that actually walk the talk, have a better vision for people, and aren’t solely driven by the pursuit of raking in the dough. She also has a vision of empowering families and small businesses through hemp. I dig it!

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