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get unstuck

Are you experiencing turbulence in your business? 

Small business at times can be like an airplane “stuck” waiting on the tarmac.

Delays occur —we all know that. Businesses get stuck in the same way. It happens. You might feel like you are going nowhere. With keen guidance from the tower your pilot finally announces “Flight attendants, prepare for take-off”. You cheer happily and at that moment of joy — *that sound* — Hoi Polloi is right there enjoying that take-off with you. 


We understand “stuck”. We know solutions that can help you soar. 


The most common problem areas are:

  1. Not adhering to the business plan; Not having a business plan in the first place.

  2. Website isn’t optimized for mobile and desktop.

  3. Banking - cannabis, CBD or Hemp 

  4. Not prioritizing social media.

  5. Email blasts aren’t being used because the website isn’t gathering emails.

  6. Web traffic is down due to no SEO.

  7. Branding is old, non-compliant, or not appropriate anymore for the company. 

  8. No CRM implementation

  9. Poor bookkeeping

get unstuck packages

b maint check image.jpg

A solid maintenance review can stop a nosedive before it happens. Adjust your flight plan in advance. You won't regret it.

b CF image.jpg

We identify your strong and not-so-strong points to help you accelerate your brand or to steady your business through turbulent times. 

c new mayday image.jpg

No crash and burns! Locate and deploy a serious parachute to find the best way forward from imminent business disaster.

We understand that your situation is unique and together we will develop a package that best meets your needs. If you require additional resources not included in any given package, we will work with you to add those services in the most cost-effective way possible.

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