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As with many new industries, the first few years are known for good reason as the “wild west”, resources were limited, but there were many travelling snake oil sales and joker brokers, over zealous authorities and hurdles with traditional banking. The school of hard knocks has taught us Due Diligence in a way no traditional consultant has had to do. As the wild west gets settled it is more important than ever to have a supportive network. If you are not working with an experienced industry professional for Due Diligence within a known network,  you more than likely are overpaying for a traditional business checklist and will unfortunately be directed to their traditional network and services that more than likely has little to no plant-based industry experience.


Our network is not only vetted through years of navigating and working within the industry. Being lied to sucks, and having your time and experience taken advantage of, well...🤯🤬 That is part of the reason why we want to share our network with you. We are also more than happy to provide Industry Due Diligence for any service/product/supply chain provider you are interested in working with.


In order for this industry to grow, thrive, and provide a path for us Hoi Polloi, we must work with fellow industry professionals — seasoned and startup — that truly value what this agricultural plant-based revolution is all about.  We are here to help ensure that is who is on your team.

  • Non-profit networks (inclusive and exclusive niches) 

  • Incubator — Mentors

  • Equipment

  • Services (legal/accounting/investment/consultants)

  • Distribution (packaging/manufacturing/fulfillment centers/formuators)

  • Educational Support (doctors/nurses/scientists/analysts)

Who should be in your Business Network?

General Industry Neworks like: Leafwire

Inclusive Incubator B2B like: Cannabiz Builder Incubator™ Program

Niche Networks that cater to sectors or industries like:

Tokeativity (women in cannabis culture) use coupon code "hoi" for discount

Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association - OIHFA (regional hem farming)

network support


some cannabis industry associations to check out

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