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What is a CRM?

A CRM is a technology software tool. CRMs provide a platform to effectively manage contacts, sales processes, conduct marketing, and customer support. It allows you to automate basic tasks, streamline processes and costs, improve workflow, and create more sales for your business. Expect at least a 15% revenue boost.

Our thoughts:

Well worth the investment. Many are offered currently of various types and prices. We advise clients to implement one. This Industry is a burgeoning business market. The savvy use of a CRM can reap enormous benefits.

Quick Benefits List:


1. Organization

  • A 360-degree view of all sales activities!

  • Import all your customer data into one centralized location.

  • Easy access to all the information needed about a particular customer.


2. Data Analytics

  • Data!

  • Great analytical tools.

  • Sales forecast reports, new leads, conversions, and/or demographics.


3. Marketing

  • Track marketing campaigns!

  • Email blasts, schedule them and track the results.

  • Marketing messages that rake in a lot of revenue.

  • Website integration for powerful sales leads and business contacts


4. Customer Service

  • Invaluable customer experience!

  • Know those with interest because they clicked on your email.

  • You’ll stand out from the competition.

  • Manage Customer issues.

We recommend Copper:


We went searching for a simple CRM tool and we found one that seamlessly integrates with our Google Workspace. If you are a Google-driven business looking for a simple, automation-driven CRM tool as a solopreneur or small business, we believe Copper is the right fit.


Why Copper?

We like Copper CRM because of its Google Workspace compatibility, automation, simplicity, lead management, customized reporting, and quick onboarding. 

The Good

Google Workspace Compatibility: Simply stated Copper CRM is focused on integration with Google Workspace, and it is the only sales automation solution endorsed by Google.

The software mimics the look of Google making it easy to use for people already familiar with Google products.

It syncs with Google Workspace apps like Google Contacts and Google Calendar, and it is directly accessible from Gmail. It appears as a sidebar within Gmail and can be hidden if needed. Other CRMs do this as well, however the mimicry of the Google look truly makes this a seamless integration in feel and look.

Automation: Our team loves that Copper works hard to get rid of manual data entry. Beth, Hemp Huntress made it clear to us how she feels about data entry and I bet most of you reading this agree. 

When a user goes through their Gmail inbox, Copper will suggest adding email contacts. It will even auto-populate contact entries using email signatures, LinkedIn profiles, and company websites. Seriously!

Simplicity: Copper has a handy sidebar where users can search for tasks, tracked emails, opportunities, and companies. A link to contact the Support team is also included. If users have issues, they can simply reach out to this team. As noted many CRMs offer this, however the google to google love is real with this software. It is also worth noting the Copper CRM mobile app can be downloaded for on-the-go use. 

Lead Management: For solopreneurs and small businesses lead management can feel overwhelming and a lot of opportunities slip through the cracks. Copper CRM features a stellar lead management tool that helps users identify and record leads. Leads can be entered manually but (we still can’t get Beth to do that so) remember, Copper CRM was built to make data entry less time-consuming. By using the import feature, contacts can be mass uploaded from Microsoft Excel, Salesforce, and LinkedIn. New leads can also be set up from incoming calls.

Copper CRM will even act as a personal assistant by searching through emails and making suggestions. If it sees a contact within an email conversation that could be a potential lead, it will let the user know. The user can then accept or decline to add the lead.  Re-read that - because we have never seen a CRM that intuitive. 

Similar to other CRMs triggers can be set to automatically assign tasks to a lead. Reminders can be set for following up, setting tasks, or scheduling calls. When a lead has been converted, these contacts will automatically transfer to the sales pipeline list.

Customized Reporting: 

Copper CRM’s reporting features allow users to drag and drop elements onto templates in order to create the exact reports you and/or your team need.

You can see pipeline reports on opportunities won and lost across multiple pipelines. Generate activity reports to analyze conversations with prospects, leads, and other contacts. Create reports for anything so you can see everything in detail, all in one dashboard.

Let’s not forget, Copper syncs with Google Sheets to bring in any and all manually input data you may have. We asked Beth didn’t have any manually input data, but you may.

Quick Onboarding: 

Setting up or switching to Copper is a quick and painless experience. 

We did a unique Onboard case study, we simply signed up for the trial and did nothing but click add when Copper asked, utilized only the sidebar for the 14 day trial. We took no tutorials, or logged in to customize anything, we simply went about our daily google business. After 14 days we opened Copper and wow, it was as if an assistant had been working unnoticed and set us up for success.

Of course there are helpful guides and a support staff that help businesses switch over quickly. The staff has stellar reviews, and they do an excellent job of navigating users through a headache-free onboarding process should you want or need.

Security: Security is often overlooked when choosing a CRM tool. We are happy to report Copper places extreme importance on the security of users and their data. Copper implements first-class backup management and data resiliency systems. These security systems are tested periodically by third parties to ensure they are held to the highest industry standards. 

Copper uses a strict access control policy to protect user data internally. All synced emails are private, and admins and account owners are the only users allowed to view them all. This is important in our industries for so many reasons.

It takes care of critical events through a comprehensive policy on incident management and data confidentiality. Copper CRM states they strictly adhere to all SSO, OpenID, API, Google Cloud, and OAuth best practices.

The Bad

Lack of Features: We were seeking simple, so the “bad” would be if you are looking for certain advanced features you may want to check out another CRM.  For example, it does not offer users a dedicated account manager, and click-to-call requires third-party software.

Lack of Flexibility Outside Google Workspace: Again we are a Google using business, so this isn’t a bad for us, but you must be aware that Copper is designed to work with Google-driven businesses. If a business uses a different email hosting service like Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, or Yahoo, we recommend looking into other CRM tool options.

Comparing the Best CRM Software

While learning all things Copper is useful, it’s also important to familiarize yourself with other CRM software options. This in-depth guide will help you do just that. Check out a great CRM software guide Best CRM Software Compared and Reviewed by Crazy Egg

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